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Chicago Urban League Lauds Passage of Bill to Support “Evidence-Based” Funding Model for Education


June 1, 2017


Chelsea Whittington, Sr. External Affairs Manager
(773) 451-3524


Chicago Urban League Lauds Passage of Bill to Support

“Evidence-Based” Funding Model for Education

CHICAGO, IL. – June 1, 2017 – Chicago Urban League President and CEO Shari Runner today issued the following statement acknowledging Illinois lawmakers for passage of SB1, which supports an “evidence-based” funding model for education.

“Today marks an unprecedented victory for Illinois’ education system.  At the behest of youth and education advocates across the state, the Illinois General Assembly successfully passed the “evidence-based” funding model, which is designed to address some of the funding inequities that have long plagued this state. The Chicago Urban League has been a proponent and prominent voice on this matter since the release of our research report outlining segregation’s effects on education. As the most inequitably funded state in the nation, Illinois spends less per pupil on our minority and low-income students than any other state.

In a city like Chicago, these funding inequities are felt in different ways. Many of our Black and brown children attend schools that cannot provide all the socioemotional supports that students need to succeed. Meanwhile, schools that have strong fundraising arms or parents with a lot of human capital can overcome these deficits.

Many of our communities lack basic resources that promote educational achievement, such as libraries, internet access or technology that keeps them up to pace academically with their white counterparts. In addition, the severing and often elimination of arts-focused programs leaves them further behind with decreased likelihood to attain college scholarships and exposure to other post-high school academic opportunities.

As ardent advocates for this bill passing, along with partners including Advance Illinois, Center for Tax and Budget Accountability and Funding Illinois, the League is optimistic that today’s vote represents a step forward in reducing  disparities and creating a more equitable formula. The “evidence-based” funding model will lead to increasing achievement for all of Illinois’s children, regardless of their income status, the color of their skin or their place of residence.

We now implore the Governor to do the right thing — embrace the sound logic of this important legislation and attach his signature of approval to this bill for the sake of all Illinois children.”


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