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Chicago Urban League CEO Shari Runner issues statement on SB 2339

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2018

Media Contact:
Chelsea Whittington
Director, External Affairs & Special Events
(773) 451-3524

Chicago Urban League CEO Shari Runner issues statement on SB 2339

(Chicago) Shari Runner, President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League, issued the following statement in opposition to Illinois Senate Bill 2339:

“Carjacking is a terrifying and typically violent crime that deserves the kind of action that will prevent future occurrences and promote public safety. The much-touted Illinois Senate Bill 2339 does neither. In fact, it has little to nothing to do with carjacking. Instead, it seeks to impose unnecessarily punitive felony consequences for possession of a stolen motor vehicle, or even a stolen vehicle part, which are most frequently acquired by the nonviolent theft of parked or unattended cars. What’s more it extends that punishment to a passenger who might have no idea a vehicle was stolen. Rather than advancing public safety, this bill, if enacted, would further our state’s disturbing trend of over incarceration, particularly of African-American and Latino youth. We can do better.
Every community deserves to feel safe, and SB 2339 fails to offer increased safety for anyone.”

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