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Friday July 14, 2017

Hello!! Our names are Alexis Spraags and Kai Yearwood and today sadly was our last full day of the Student Mission Trip to China. We left Hangzhou early this morning for the beautiful Shanghai. When we got to the hotel, we dropped off our bags and headed to lunch at a restaurant in the Yuan Garden. After eating, we were allowed to shop for a few hours which was fun because we were able to negotiate and ultimately get more for our money. There were many shops for us to negotiate at and having the chance to negotiate felt as if we were in control.

After shopping, we headed to the amazing Shanghai Ocean Aquarium where we got to see the huge variety of different fish and exhibits it had to offer. There were many exotic animals and mammals to look at and many of them we hadn’t seen before for example the albino turtle and the jellyfish that turned neon colors. We then headed to one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in all of Shanghai: the Oriental Pearl Tower. We headed to the 267th floor. While eating there, the view was amazing. We saw all of downtown Shanghai and it reminded us very much of downtown Chicago. There was a huge variety of food and everyone tried some of everything. Last but certainly not least, we went to Shanghai’s Riverfront where we were given time to take in the incredible skyline. As a group, we were able to not only take pictures but reflect on and thank God for this wonderful experience.

~Alexis Spraags & Kai Yearwood