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Tuesday July 4, 2017

This morning when we woke up it was raining and thundering. So after breakfast, we all met in the lobby and Ms. Parker told us that we may not be able to go to the Great Wall because it was too dangerous because the rain would make the stairs/walkway slippery. After the bus ride to our session at the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Ms. Parker told us while we were walking in that we would be able to go to the Great Wall because it had stopped raining and thundering and the sun was out and it was hot. But before we could go to experience the Great Wall, we had our session which was facilitated by Dr. Fan Chao. The session was about China’s foreign policy making and China’s policy making to the US. We learned about what people have to do to make a policy and about the structure of a ministry. After our session, we had lunch on BLCU’s campus. We had crab sushi, salmon sushi, salad, soup and teriyaki chicken with rice. Lunch was good and it tasted better than the teriyaki chicken in the U.S.

~Joan McCarty


After lunch, we visited the Great Wall of China where we challenged ourselves. Many of us went all the way up to the 8th fortress. After hearing and studying about the 7 great wonders of the world, to actually see one was an amazing experience that I’ll probably never get again. It was awesome to see how colorful the towers were and see how it was still intact after so many years. After we finished at the Great Wall, we went to eat dinner at a restaurant in the mall and ate short ribs, shrimp fried rice, spaghetti bolognese, salad and some of us even tried the eye of a fish. Our day ended with us having the opportunity to walk around the mall a little to see what some of the stores were like then going to the hotel and relaxing in the pool.

~Amanda Bolden

Happy 4th of July from the 2017 Student Mission Trip to China Ambassadors!