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CUL Students Blog about Adventures in China – Day 6

The Chicago Urban League is proud to announce that it is once again hosting a student mission trip to China! For the next two weeks, 24 CUL students are being immersed in the Chinese culture, customs and cuisine. This is a journey is an adventure of a lifetime that is sure to change their lives.

The great news is that we get to be a part of their journey through the blogs they are writing. Check out the 6th entry below:

Saturday June 25, 2016

            On this rainy Saturday, we visited the historical village of Shen’ao, the Nongfu Spring Mineral Water Plant, the Jiande Hydroelectric Plant and finally a local mall named Incity. We liked the village of Shen’ao because of the ambiance the rain seemed to give it. The Nongfu Spring Mineral Plant was an intriguing place but the tour was very short and the same goes for the Jiande Hydroelectric Plant and we would have liked to experience more. Although we must admit that we enjoyed the Jiande Hydroelectric Plant due to the breathtaking views of the mountains and lake which were major highlights. The mall was quite the experience. It was a lot larger than we would have expected. And it was very beautiful but many of the stores had items that were very expensive and completely out of our price range so we just settled for Starbucks, KFC, Subway and a store called Zara and everyone was happy.

~Armani Rogers & Jervonta Doss